What happens after death. Tanya Alvits

Danish born Tanya Alvits is a self-taught artist who works in both figurative and abstract painting. 

Her personal opinion is that they are two completely different ways of painting but both of them have something in common with herself such as being organised, serious, humoristic and playful.

In her figurative work the main character is a skeleton due to a view of impermanence. She is certain that one day everybody will die but our bodies are only shells instead of minds that continue their journey. Another reason is that everybody is almost exactly the same when they remove clothing, skin, sex and flesh. The artist is very interested in human anatomy and physiology, she looks at a bone from a skeleton as if it were an amazing sculpture.

Alvits is a member of  the Kong Georg at Frederiksberg and she was awarded the Certificate of Artistic Merit at the Biennale of Chianciano, 2013.

By Cecilia Durisotto     




OMG (oh my God), Acrylic on canvas

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