The Unique Sensitivity of a Superb Talent: the case of Somsak Chaituch

“We learned to be original, to have our own identity.” With this resolute statement the artist Somsak Chaituch defines his personal perception of creative integrity. Innate talent, mastery with paintbrushes and excellent academic training are not sufficient to outline such a prolific genius. A definite, strong and unique identity is what makes the difference, raising an artist to be distinguishable and recognisable.

In his professional career Somsak has received important awards, such as the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci in Florence and the Anglo Italian Academy Award during the Chianciano Art Museum Biennale, in Italy. Chaituch’s Art represents exotic settings and abstract shapes using an extremely eye-catching glaze of brilliant colours. “While painting, I discover things.

Each painting actually is a series of paintings and I use elements of earlier paintings for the new painting”, he says. In work after work, we are enchanted by notes of the Eastern atmosphere. The colours are dazzling, but the observer perceives a calm and meditative peace in all the weaves of the soft abstract compositions that reminds us of the placid smiles of the faces portrayed in his figurative works.

All Somsak’s creations inspire each other in a harmonious circle of references that culminates in huge vibrant canvases. Somsak also bears witness to the terrible tragedy that occurred in 2004 in his native country: the devastating tsunami that brought death and disaster to Thailand has deeply influenced Somsak’s genius.


In the series entitled "After Tsunami" he passionately depicts the tangle of bodies after the tragedy, abandoning for once his typical palette of bright colors. Once again, we perceive the unbreakable bond between feelings and brushstrokes in the artistic life of an extraordinary genius. somsak-chaituch-artist

Finally, the artist claims: “[...] Life is very short, but a work of art remains. A painting can be around for a few hundred years, maybe a thousand years or longer. This is my legacy: this is Somsak.”

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