Rick Nileh - The World of Colour

Rick Nileh is an extraordinary abstract pastel painter whose qualities and talent are immediately apparent even to an untrained eye. His compositions are always varied and inspire a strong, compelling attraction.

Nileh’s abstraction is meaningful and touches the subconscious mind of the bystander, communicating unique and intriguing significations highlighted by his striking ability and taste for colour.

From the brightest yellows to the darkest greys, Nileh’s compositions are a feast for the eyes. The incredible use of complementary and analogous colours applied in  pure thick layers or blended chiaroscuros, bring his works to life and stimulate sensorial responses from the eyes of the heart. Nileh has a taste for colour that is rarely seen in pastel painters, and his profound knowledge of the means is what enables him to amaze us all.

One pastel painting is not enough and buyers have been known to purchase several works at the same time. An incredible effect that many an oil painter will never achieve. His works fetch good amounts on a market that fully acknowledge Nileh’s skill and talent by pricing them from £3,500 to £6,000 each.

Nileh has still a lot to say, a lot to express and a lot to generously donate to art lovers and collectors all over the world. We are spectators of his creative process and always more enthralling results. We can only enjoy the expectation of what this pure talent has in store for us with the utmost pleasure.

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