Extraordinary into the ordinary: the artist Richard Owen electrifies the story telling.

Enigmatic compositions, pregnant scenes of daily life, or sensual laying women: that are the main characters of R. Owen’s paintings. Born in Vancouver and graduated in Philosophy, this Canadian eccentric artist is one of the most relevant in the contemporary art scenery. He moved for five years in Greek lands but only while living in Brussels he began painting. His wonderful paintings are regularly exhibited in London (starting with a solo exhibition at the famous Gagliardi Gallery) and can be found in private collections in Luxembourg, Belgium, United States, Canada and Italy.  
R. Owen knows how to surprise us: the unperturbed and irregular faces of the subjects remind the Picasso lesson, but he alternates an intense two-dimensional study with a deeper and more captivating perspective. 


Firstly, we are immediately attracted by large and dark brushstrokes that enclose vivid and brilliant blurs of colour, which become pure and bright areas of pigment divided by inaccessible borders. Hence, rises a game between the prominent freedom of indomitable colors and the “limits-like” outlines.
The eye-catching palette used by R. Owen recalls the energic use of complementary colors by Matisse and Derain: placed together they electrify the beauty of each. R. Owen adjusts his shades to obtain the maximum intensity and, last but not least, the non-naturalist use of hues donates an unexpected atmosphere of ancient myths. We can breathe a story telling, and our senses are fully satisfied.
Elena Foschi


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