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Paul Ygartua
What the market thinks...
Paul Ygartua is a wonderful abstract and figurative expressionist painter whose work reflects his instinctual and primal drive. This is not only highlighted in his style but also in his method of communication with the canvas. He paints voraciously, impulsively, emotionally, revealing all his truly prolific and creative spirit. 
Paul Ygartua exhibits all over the world and is inspiration to many generations of artists who acknowledge and admire the talent and highly skilled draughtsmanship of this great master of the paintbrush. 

His works can be found in many galleries and quotations range from £4,000 to £6,000. As all artists, though, his compositions are sometimes experimental and the art market gives variable value to these more stylistically exploratory works. This is why one can easily find original Paul Ygartua paintings at more approachable prices, for example from £1,000 to £3,000.
Top galleries have first choice on his works of excellence, of major market value and quality of course, but with a little patience and research it is possible to find good pieces at a more affordable price.
Bearing this in mind, the choice of possessing a painting by Paul Ygartua means more than just hanging a beautiful painting on a wall. It is the choice of a life style, made of contemporary art, that immediately transforms a room into an emotional experience one can never come back from.
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