At the Service of Artists


Art is what differentiates us from animals. Art is a means of communication and it thrives in times of difficulty.
Well, as we all know, the world is presently in great difficulty and has been for some time now. And whether there is war, poverty, hunger, unemployment or just plain recession, art is what exposes, explains, mirrors and reflects the situation.
The market is overflowing with artists with their many different styles, techniques, means and messages. On one hand it is a promise for us art lovers and for humanity, on the other it is a very competitive field for artists who find it hard to enter the market and emerge. Young artists find it confusing and inaccessible, more established artists find themselves outdated and excluded because of all the new ever evolving technology.
Here is where ICAC, the International Confederation of Art Critics come to the rescue.
ICAC is a community of art critics, art historians and experts from all over the world who have a deep understanding of problems related to the art world. 
Their services are aimed at reducing the gap between the artist and the collector or buyer. They have created a new perspective, a simpler route towards a successful artistic career.
An artist can turn to ICAC to find help in developing a strategy for his personal and particular requirements with the aim to become known and appeal to an art lover, a gallery, a library or even a museum.
ICAC holds its hand out to artists and brings them closer to the buyer through very prestigious publications, books and professional websites. 
The art world was missing this fundamental liaison. Now the void has been finally filled by the International Confederation of Art Critics so artists all over the world now have a reference point to turn to.
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