Jenny Bennett invited to attend the Chianciano Biennale 2015

Born in 1950, Jenny Bennett graduated with a Masters in Anthropology after attending Otago and Auckland University. Over the last thirty years she has self taught herself to be an artist. Eventhough most of her skill is in

painting, she also has experimence with a number of

different medians, including printmaking, clay sculpture, puppetry/performance, and collage. Bennett has been showing her work since 1976, and continues to show her works, locally, nationally, and internationally. It is no wonder she has been invited to attend the very prestigious Chianciano Biennale 2015. Bennett has won various awards and commisions, she has served on boards and trusts associated with the arts community.

Bennett has a passion for exploring a wide range of subject matter, however her joy comes from painting landscapes as it reminds her of adventures with her friends growing up. This ranges from details depictions of rocks, water, and native flora which is all evident in her work. In 1984 to 2007, Bennett experienced art by traveling to Europe and participating in the Florence Biennale in 2007.


Bennett explains how she paints to make something from nothing, to communicate her vision to others; to put people where she has been on journeys to remote and beautiful parts of New Zeland where she spent most of her time growing up. Bennett believes art provides us with the "Anti Toxins" we need to live. Bennett paints to record, communicate, recreate, create an idea, experience, object, landscape or and feeling. She believes that art whether it is painting, music, drama etc. can lift us out of an everyday routine.B Bennett describes how a finished piece must have some kind of unity, it must say more of the subject than a photograph of the same subject would do. Bennett feels her paintings should have impacts, not necessarily loud impacts, as she feels even the quiet impacts make a difference. Even down to the pallette of her paintings, Bennett has a systematic plan for the way she presents the paint on the canvas, which makes her paintings unique and attention grabbing. Bennett's process includes many layers of paint, which contributes to the richness of each piece. In addition Bennett loves using opaque or transparent glazes because she can then move them around easily on the canvas or wipe them away if she feels necessary. 

Bennett's work has been in a number of exhibitions, including an International group showing in 2010 at the Gagliardi Gallery in London, and has continuesly participated in the Chianciano Biennale over the last few years, including being invited to attend in 2015.














1. Top Left: Anchor Cove 3, Spirits Bay, 120 x 67 cm, Oil on Canvas, Sold

2. Top Right: Kaitoki Walk, Great Barrier Island, 90x90 cm, Oil on Canvas

3. Bottom Left: Tongariro Tahi, Sold        



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