Sinikka Elfving Invited to Attend Chianciano Biennale 2015

Born in 1949 in Finland, Sinikka Elfving found a love for art through the daily stuggles of survival during the Second World War. As a child, Elfving grew up surrounded by wild artic nature, which became the setting of a wonderful playground for Elfving, and her eleven brothers and sisters. As a child Elfving would create imaginary landscapes in her head, which have become a recurring theme in her artwork today. In addition, he draws influence from the "Madonna" in her artwork demonstrating spirtuality throughout her work. 

Elfving completed her studies at the University of Vienna, Austria and later moved to salzburg where she became a graduate of psychology. Elfving started life as a psychologist in Finland, and later moved to Sweden and Norway. Everyday on the job she was faced with patience suffering from mental illness and children suffering with family problems on a daily basis. Elfving's professional life and philosophical persuits allow her an outlit to influence the question of the meaning of life in her artwork. In addition, she draws inspiration from the meaning of war and conflict which is reflects her past, and all inspire her artistic expression and creation. 

Elfving's work has always been considered "Outsider", which is why viewers feel they can connect to her work and become apart of it. Elfving's work is based on her surroundings, her emotions, her past, and her feelings. One of the reasons she has been asked to return to the Chianciano Biennale in 2015.

Elfving combines her art techniques with her psychologist techniques by helping the most delicate and complex minds by teaching them art therapy through intuitive painting. Elfving saw how children responded to the art therapy by being able to express their inner thoughts and feelings onto paper. Elfving realised that human suffering dates back to the same origin-the soul. Something she was personlly familiar with herself. Thus, freeing a person's spirit through art generates happiness and good health. 

Elfving's life experiences lead to an explosive and creative force within her. Becuase of this she decided to learn more about the theories of art, and explore through research the expressive process of which it beholds. Elfving applied her creative talents to the Art School of Stockholm, and improved her overall theoretical skills and found further inspirations, which allowed her to grow as an artist. 

Whilst painting Elfving listens to Tchalkovsky, Mahler, Mozart, and virtuous musicians that span through the romantic era. Elfving says the music helps influence her work and blossom into what it is. 

Elfving has had numerous exhibitions displaying her work, Galleries in Norway, to the Instituto Italiano Di Cultura A Vienna in Austria. In additon her work has been featured in Broadway Gallery in New York City, The World Wide Art Fair in Los Angeles, California and in 2015 her work was featured at the London Art Biennale and has been asked to join the Chianciano Biennale in 2015 in Tuscany, Italy. 







Top Left: "Untitled", Oil on Canvas

Top Right: "Untitled", Oil on Canvas

Bottom left: "Untitled", Oil on Canvas



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