Francis Mercer Invited to Attend the Chianciano Biennale 2015

Francis Mercer, the visual artist and Florida native paints for one purpose only, herself. She finds it fascinating that she is always uncertain of the outcome of her painting, and the process whilst she is creating it. Mercer says it is like going into the unknown, that ther is always an element of bafflement and chance which she finds the most pleasing. 

Full name Frances De Courcy Mercer, thrives on her florida roots to give her the passion behind her artowrk. Mercer has had many solo exhibitions, and attended the Chianciano Biennale in 2012, and the London Biennale 2013, and has been asked to attend the Chianciano Biennale 2015. 

Mercer completed a bachelor's degree in English Literature and a masters in Art History at the University of Miami. After, Mercer took off for California to continue her studies as an artist. In 1974, Mercer received her masters of fine arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. Two years later she returned back to Florida and settled down in the state's southern area. 

Mercer always fascinated by the nature around her, you can see in her early works she drew from this in her winter skies, Everglades, green flat lands, and southern portions of the regions. In 1996, Mercer moved to central Florida to live on a 3,500 acre preserve called Indian Hammock. The move widened Mercer's subjects for her painting, and expanded by taken in the cottony white clouds to the ultramarine skies. 

When Mercer is not painting, she finds herself teaching in southeast Florida at BCC, the South Florida Institute in Hollywood and Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Since the early eighties, Mercer has been managed by Seventeen Street Galleries, her own gallery space and a framing shop in Fort Launderdale, Florida.




Top Left: "Glacier", Watercolour, 38cmx50cm 

Top Right: "Day Break", Watercolour, 38cmx50cm

Bottom left: "Lodge Road 1", Watercolour, 38cmx50cm

Bottom Right: "Eclipse II", Watercolour, 30cmx40cm




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