Alexander Lee invited to attend the Chianciano Biennale 2015

Growing up in the costal suberbs of Perth, Alexander lee spent most of his time as a child surfing the southwest cost of WA. A jet-setter by heart he has spent nearly ten years of his life travelling the world and working professionally as an artist and illustrator in Scandinavia. It wasnt until 2008 did Lee decide to focus fully on art and become a fulltime

 artist. In 2010, he decided to settle down in the coastal areas of Gnarabup, Margaret River, where he was interested in capturing the down south experiences and apply this to his art. 

Lee has a background in Fine Art from the Claremont school of 

Fine Art, in Western Australia. Lee has a passion for detailed pencil drawings, and one of his ealiest pieces entitled "Cat & Mouse" which can be seen in the Gallery on his website:

In 2009, Lee started to gain an interest in exploring more with acrylic and water colour on paper. Lee took these medians and applied them to wave drawings and vineyard paintings. lee then went on from experimenting with very detailed/realistic drawings to painting and experimenting with more of an abstract approach to his artwork. 

In 2011 and 2012, lee started to do commisioned assignments, and with this came interest from galleries and art exhibitions. In 2013, lee was awarded the Leonardo 2nd Price for work on paper at the Chianciano Biennale in Tuscany, Italy and has been asked to attend the Chianciano Biennale again in 2015.

Lee currently works and travels between, Stockholm, Sweden and Salzburg, Austria. Over his life he has been invited and attended a number of ehibitions, in London, Scheyern, 

Germany, Tuscany, and Salzburg to name a few. In February 2014, Lee participated in an event entitled, Diamonds fro life in Antwerp, Belgium where he exhibited two of his pieces at the Royal Paleis op de Meir. In addition he has exhibited works in Palazzo Malaspinia in the Chianti Star Festival, San Donato Tuscany, and has had numerous solo exhibitions in Vienna, Austria and a group exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal. This Novemeber he has also been asked to exhibit his work at the Grand Palais in Paris, and a solo exhibition in New York. 

Lee's work captures the ambience of the viewers mind and takes them on a journey to a different location, time or emotion. 








Top Left: "Cat & Mouse", Pencil Drawing

Top Right: "Carlotta's Wave", Acrylic on Board"

Middle Left: Alexander Lee at the Chianciano Biennale 2013

Middle Right: "The Great Expectations", Pencil Drawing

Bottom Left: Alexander Lee 




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