Joanna Blair Featured Australian Artist at the London Art Biennale


Article By: Meg K. Dailey 

Australian born artist Joanna blair, amazes the London Art Biennale with her profound senstive an energetic artwork. Blair has a skill for capturing moments in time with her work. Blair does this through a range of techniques and colour. 

As a child prodigy, blair has had a life-long experience of painting and can recall at the age of five being transfixed at seeing artists work in museums and galleries and desiring to do the same. At age thirteen, Blair submitted her work to a local art college and was accepted, that until she was found to be not of the right age. 

Blair's grandfather the head of the art department for Melbourne's Princes theatre had a big impact on her life and part of where her artistic background comes from. At the London Art Biennale, Blair met and discussed her work with Councillor Maighread Condon-Simmonds,  the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea, along with curator Peter Gagliardi of Gagliardi Gallery in London. 

Blair has always had a love for impressionits, especially monet, as well as Gustav Klimt and Giovanni Boldini, however she does not limit herself to any style or medium rather she likes experiementing and exploring all her talents. Blair loves to paint outside, and quickly on the go. She uses outlines and sketches as references for her work and always takes quit sketches before she starts a new piece. 

Blair has a way of capturing the viewer and letting them inside her vast mind of creativity, and this is something we can see when looking at her artwork. Blair's imagination is full of stong colour which she then paints with thick paint to create the rhythem and atmospheric substance of each one of her artworks, this is a technique with astonishing results and why she has such an international based audience. 



Top Left: Re-Entry

Right: Sunshiney Day

Bottom left: Spring Rain

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