On George Gard

When viewing the works of abstract contemporary artist, George Gard, one does not immediately ponder what they see before them but rather what they feel. With each broad brush stroke, Gard educates his audience on the importance of emotional intellect within the arts and how the purity of form and colour can enlighten the mind. Treading between the styles of Cubism and its derivative, Suprematism, Gard’s work is evocative of the works of artists such as Synthetic Cubist, Juan Gris as well as Paul Klee. Gard’s texturised, raw brushwork reveals his masterly control and expertise in the field of oil painting while his understanding of colour theory is professional and evident within every work he produces. Ultimately, nothing is more impressive in George Gard’s work than his ability to execute a breathtaking piece of abstract art while retaining the air of sensitivity and emotionality that is typically lost when applying reductionist tactics. George Gard is truly an avant-garde artist whose talent and sheer intelligence is captivating and actively challenging the meaning of art, securing his title as a contemporary master within the field.

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