Nicolette Ingeneeger: The Authentic Art still lives

nicolette-ingeneeger-artistThe great masters of the past guide Nicolette Ingeneeger: in her powerful paintings, we admire an eclectic Surrealism inspired by Salvador Dalí combined with an intellectual symbolism that reminds us of the provocative masterpieces by René Magritte. The rigorous precision of each brushstroke, the expertise in the pictorial representation and the mastery of Nicolette Ingeneeger’s artistic touch immediately prove an intense and profound academic course, from the very foundations of Art History to the developments of the Surrealist school and beyond.

In fact, years of study have brought this Dutch artist to a structural and stylistic perfection, til excellent aesthetical results. Nicolette Ingeneeger also shows an innate genius in all her works, leaving the viewer breathless with her perfect balance in composition, painting after painting. The colours, the contrasts, the light effects, remind us of the impressive paintings by the masters of 19th Century. Nicolette Ingeneeger demonstrates a really sensational fantasy: with limitless creativity, she paints exquisite sceneries, dream-like surroundings full of real elements, everyday objects and characters set in Renaissance perspectives and non-existent architectures. There's a magical realism that reminds us of ancient fables, myths and parallel worlds. In fact, each detail in her creations seems full of symbolism and we perceive an atmosphere with an halo of metaphisical mystery.

Ingeneeger has the same expressive power of De Chirico, with his iconic italian town squares of the early 20th Century. In the same way, the dutch artist engages the viewer with her fascinating worlds which make us dream, keeping us back from an ordinary reality. The subjects represented are not only depicted with perfect proportions, but there is a complete and harmonious balance in all the composition. Nothing is left to chance: the attention to details, the perfectly realistic rendering, the shadows and the scientific perspectives are simply superb. Everything is built with an excellent pictorial wisdom: analysing some individual elements such as the mask and the sphere in the work "Balanced" we perceive a magic touch that not even the great masters are able to give. In works such as "Tight Embrace", the dutch artist exceeds the boundaries of Surrealism, moving to an hyper-realistic symbolism. She plays with monochrome tones, creating an almost infinite depth, in which the main subject of the artwork appears as a prisoner of himself in a world where the viewer has to ask himself questions that perhaps will never have an answer. 
















On the left: "Balanced"                                             

On the right: "Tight Embrace"

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