Maddalena Zappia, The Endless Beauty of Geometry

Whether a composition be dictated by conventions (ancient art) or by emotions (contemporary art) we often discover that the beauty of art is in the harmony that more than everything is given by geometry.
Maddalena Zappia is a very talented Italian artist whose work is characterised by a strong geometric conception that aspires towards order, rationality and objectivity. Her completely abstract works are completely independant from reality, consequently her canvases do not represent any subject. But these same paintings are reality itself!
Escher, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Malevich showed us that triangles, squares, circles and straight lines accurately positioned and repeated precisely, can take us beyond the boundaries of our perceived reality.
Zappia’s geometric abstraction is the perfect way of taking disorder out of our lives to arrive at the heart of what is really essential and important: a universal language of art. 
Colour is fundamental for Maddalena just like the use of sharp edges, corners and the elimination of signs of brushstrokes. She ranges from bright, vivid, joyful colours taken from the whole spectrum, to the use of more soft, neutral, extremely elegant tones, circumscribed to a minimalistic palette. 
Elements of extreme order, her geometric shapes, are juxtaposed with elements of extreme disorder, expressed by the way in which she arranges them. Through her paintings, Maddalena Zappia assures us that all is well with the world and mirrors what we have instinctively understood: that our world isn’t chaotic, although sometimes unorganised, but it is an exquisitely planned environment, well ordered and balanced that we can do nothing but admire. 
Maddalena’s work offers an unexpected level of emotional involvement that is hypnotic and enrapturing at the same time. Like a mother’s embrace, her works are a reassuring, peaceful and safe place to shelter our souls.
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