Lyndsey Redford - The Magnitude of a Rural World


Award-winning Scottish artist Lyndsey Redford is an accomplished painter often inspired by everyday life in rural natural surroundings. Graduated with a MA in Fine Art, she is a talented painter with a promising career.

lyndsey-redford-artist-landscapesLyndsey Redford’s landscapes demonstrate sheer passion for painting in plein air, capturing natural light, the essence of everyday day life and the greatness of our land.

This Scottish artist has the ability to encapsulate the sublime purity highlights the importance of the countryside, as each painting contains a momentous truth – the eternal presence and power of mother nature, giving subjects their true value. Detached from the modern world that is brimming with technology and globalisation, these artworks are free of noise, pollution and corruption. They transport the viewer to a serene moment in time and space where the importance and supremacy of nature overrides all else.


Correspondingly to American realist artist Edward Hopper, Redford’s landscapes often show vast open spaces that are empty. Signs of human habitation are extremely sparse and miniscule in relation to the limitless province around them. This suggests how transient and ephemeral human life is, in contrary to the eternal cycle of the world. With these snapshots of segregation, Redford depicts deeply atmospheric and peaceful settings - magnificent mountains caked in snow, immense rolling hills and verdant woodland. We are also reminded of David Hockney who also captures the tranquillity and affluence of British landscape as a magnificent but remote panorama. Free from the pressures and hustle of city life in the modern world, these peaceful sceneries embrace the viewer like a blanket of calm.

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