Lyndsey Redford - “Alluring Landscapes”

lyndsey-redford-artist-landscapesScottish artist Lyndsey Redford is often inspired by her homeland, everyday life and natural landscapes. Mountains and endless greenlands transform Lyndsey’s creation in symbolic visions of a dreamlike world. An oneiric aura transpires from each pathway that is depicted. Magical homes emerge from dense forests and a diffident wildlife tease the curious spectator, who is eager to intensely partake in Lyndsey’s story.lyndsey-redford-artist-landscapes-nature

With a BA (Hons) and MA in Fine Art, both completed at Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art, the talented Lyndsey Redford has held many exhibition, whilst receiving numerous scholarships and awards. In 2011, she was shortlisted for the RSA William Littlejohn Award for Excellence and Innovation in Water-based Media. Lyndsey Redford’s enigmatic paintings appear as poetic allegories created by an intriguing and reflective creative soul. At first glance, the spectator is instinctively enthralled by the divergence among the sophisticated hues of bold greens and the pearly shades of the fuzzy skies - a combination that provokes an elegant visual effect. 

lyndsey-redford-artist-everyday-lifeUntouched vastness of nature are the absolute protagonists of a captivating pictorial journey into this artist’s deepest subconscious sphere. Endless horizons to be freely interpreted by observers, albeit interrupted by the delicate presence of unknown personalities: Lyndsey Redford provides an innate artistry in her eclectic compositions. Seasons dramatically follow each other on Lyndsey’s canvases and each brush stroke reflects the artist’s innermost subconscious emotion, in an intricate maze of unfolded hermetic meaning.

On deeper analysis, Lyndsey Redford’s depictions of nature convey a superb sensation of formal completeness, inspired by the traditional natural sceneries of the Great Masters of the past. On the other hand, each landscape captivates  the spectator, giving a mental stimulus saturated with alluring mystical references. Lyndsey possesses the talent to create graceful compositions that absorb the viewer’s eye in a fascinating jungle of profound metaphors.

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