London Art Biennale 2017 - Art Lover's Paradise

The prestigious London Art Biennale will take place from 29th March to 2nd April, at the Old Chelsea Town Hall, on the Kings Road. This exclusive cultural event will showcase a spectacular collection of contemporary artworks featuring 130 artists from 40 nations. These candidates have been specially selected to exhibit their works in a beautifully curated setting, to highlight exciting developments within the contemporary art world. 
The Biennale will showcase art by an impressive range of artists who are being recognised for their exceptional  talent and artistic skill. The London Art Biennale’s professional curator team will privilege the most brilliant artworks, aiming at a general harmony that can emphasize and give the right space to every single creation. Despite combining different cultures, trends, styles and artistic techniques, the London Biennale curators always had the sole purpose of creating a memorable impact on the visitors. Here some of the selected artists in this unmissable edition:


Kazakhstani multi-media artist, Arystanbek Shalbayev, is known to reflect life in his hometown. 
Through different mediums including painting, graphics and installation, Shalbayev highlights important social, economic and cultural issues.  
Said Atabekov is an Uzbekistani artist working with diverse media: installation, photography and performance art. Atabekov explores conflicting cultures and tensions, social and political changes, by identifying and rousing these elements to expose their innate paradoxes.
Australian artist and sculptor, Shazia Imran is prized for her animated mixed media artworks. Often inspired by her travels, Imran explores the infinite expressiveness of her subjects through vibrancy and abstract forms.
Sheetal Agarwal is a photographer and award-winning documentary filmmaker from India. 

Her mixed-media works reflect memories, representations of reality and reflections on the nature of historical truth. 

Toronto-based artist Lydia Panart is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is inspired by traces that people leave behind in search for meaning, 
whilst symbolising the depth of different experiences through painting that mirrors Abstract Expressionism. 
Ukranian artist Oksana Konstantinovska studied fine art and medicine. This has led to artistic creations that hang in the balance between science, art and fashion, as she ha recently collaborated with luxury brand BVLGARI. 
Inna Moshkovich is an Ukranian artist, sculptor and curator. Based in Sydney, Moshkovich symbolises the stimulating process of experimentation, often resulting in vibrant abstract compositions.  

German artist, Traute Macom deals with environmental observations such as air and water pollution, often painting large abstract visions in acrylics.
Texan artist, Kay Griffith creates abstract and emotionally evocative paintings, after completing a course in colour and design. 

Andrea Fuentes is recognized for stimulating imagery combined with splashes of vibrant colour. 


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