When expertise and hard work pay back: the case of Larisa Davatz


larissa-davatz-artistlarissa-davatz-artist-elena-foschiLarisa Davatz

Geat artist, great value. Sometimes the Art Market does the right thing. And in this case the odds are all in Davatz's favour. Fabulous surrealist scenes, impeccable technique, unexpected contradictions between dream and reality: these are the ingredients of Larissa Davatz's success and increasing public consensus. Her precious and powerfully recognisable artworks are sold for £ 5.000 to £10.000, a successful and incredible achievement, in the immense sea of contemporary artists nowadays. But Larissa really deserves it, considering her impressive know-how and expertise gained through years of studies.

Born in Tietzin, China, in 1937, Davatz studied at the famous Surikov Art Institute. 


Larissa won the Javaharlal Nehru Price in Delhi, 1953 and in 1987 she was awarded the title of honoured artist of Uzbekistan. Her works can be found in prestigious museum collections – including the Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow, Moscow Ministry of Culture Gallery and Tashkent National Museum of Arts.

Moreover, Davatz has now become a milestone and a key figure for several young artists who want to improve their technique, because of Larissa's indubitable level of skilfulness and talent.

Larissa's warm palette enriches her romantic style, creating a compelling atmosphere of mythological stories. The metaphorical content electrifies the strange female creatures, that appear like our subconscious creations. Her artworks astound us every time we look at them. This definitely explaines why she has so many sales. Well done, Larissa! 


By Elena Foschi

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