Joy Osman and her joyous art

Joy Osman has had much success with her art and has been selected to be a part of the renowned Chianciano Biennale 2018, in Tuscany next month. Her past exhibitions in London galleries include: The ICA, London, the Oxo Tower, the Mall Galleries, the Imagination Gallery, the Hall Richards Gallery, Merz Contemporary Art, the AOI Gallery, and the Diesel House Studios. She also has a permanent solo exhibition of paintings at Watford School of Music. Osman has written and illustrated a book called,  ‘I Can’t Wait To Be On TV!’ a book inspired by the Grimm’s folktale, ‘The Musicians of Bremen’. 
Joy is also an experienced art coach and mentor. Helping people with creative difficulties led her to create her 'Art for the Soul' workshops. This year, Joy's work has been selected by the Museo D'Arte and the Gagliardi Gallery, London, to be exhibited at the Chianciano Biennale in Tuscany, in August. Her work will also feature in the Saatchi magazine
See more of Joy Osman's work:
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