Josie Taglienti's art taking Europe back to the drawing board?

josie-taglienti-artistJosie Taglienti is an artist that many of us have had the pleasure to follow throughout the years; from her exhibitions in Phoenix and Santa Fe to her work travelling to Chicago and beyond. This all american talent now seems to be taking Europe by storm with her evokative and passionate works on paper.

From a young age, Taglienti was always been closely followed by her brushes, colours or anything with which she could create something beautiful. 

The artist has been heard saying "I carried the brush everywhere, dipping it in plain water, sans colour, making harmless marks on everything".

Recently, the Chianciano Art Museum selected her work for the Biennales in 2009 and 2013 where about 150 artists from 50 different countries were selected. In 2015, Taglienti's creations have been requested for the London Art Biennale, an exhibition held on the iconic King's Road in the Chelsea area of the British Capital. 

Taglienti is an artist that is able to radiate energy and emotion and we look forward to the next exciting steps in her interesting career.

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