Jose Herazo-Osorio: the relativity of time


Jose Herazo-Osorio was born in Barranquilla, Colombia where  he studied art and worked as a journalist and cartoonist for a Colombian newspaper, developing  an interest in surrealism as well as abstract expressionism. He later moved to Florida where he graduated in Sciences at Florida State University and  where he still lives today.
He received the Third Prize award from Anglo Italian Academy of Arts at the Biennale of Chianciano, 2011 and an Honorary Mention from the Museum of Chianciano.
His paintings represent the bright colours, movements and forms from tropical lands in order to express his interest in the surreal symbolism of figures and colours and their role in the origin of existence.
However, the most important element in the Osorio’s work is the relativity of time. In order to express it he uses movement and colour. The idea is related to a conceptual disintegration of the human experience. In the new project he destroys the forms of reality as a component of the essence of time and the real phenomena  become intangible emotions. Therefore  human experiences are transformed into colourful energy.

By Cecilia Durisotto    


Time Icarus Space, 2013

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