First month, first artists: ICAC’s Art Contest selected the best of April.

One motto: talent. The ICAC art contest for emerging and established artists gives wonderful opportunities: prizes range from a stunning hardback 72 page personal publication edited by the International Confederation of Art Critics to the participation in the prestigious London Biennale 2017 and the Chianciano Biennale 2018; from a professional Art Critique to the publication of the artworks on the Saatchi Museum Magazine.

The deadline is 20th July 2016, but in the meantime the International Confederation of Art Critics is sharing the best entries of the month of April. Pure abstract paintings, very refined figurative pictures, sculptures, photographs and installations: everything that rhymes with creativity, as long as it is artistically appreciated by ICAC’s demanding critics.

So, the first selection can be seen below and includes Claire Barnett with her soft and introspective spots of colour, Margaret Noble with her curious interactive sound sculptures, Valerio Figuccio with his evocative images full of mystery, Samantha Passaniti with her mixed media creations that recall the conceptual sculptures of Arte Povera, Robert Gorman's ironic and provocative sculptures, up to Jenna Bao with her more traditional oil and pastel on canvas. Noah MacDonald's ink drawings on paper that evoke ancient engravings, Susan Phillips with her porcelain which transmit fluidity and strength at the same time, the amazing dream-like settings by Carrie Ann Baade, Natalie Ioannou's intense crows that tell us ancient tales, Heidi Fosli with her vivid delicacy, Tamara Jovandic's sensual and intense compositions. 

We cannot wait to find out who will be the lucky winners of the 10 valuable prizes of the most talked-about art competition of this year.

To participate in the contest, click on the link:


Artworks selection above:



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