Sea life in Gilda Frumkin art works

Gilda Frumkin,  a self-taught artist who started  her personal exhibitions in 1996,  the most recent one was in Syros Island, Ermoupolia in 2013. She has also displayed her paintings in group exhibitions such as Biennale of Florence in 2007. She was born in Turkey but now  lives and works in Greece where she has gained an important reputation. Not only an artist, she also teaches art,  participates in the Voula Cultural Centre in Greece and in 2002 became an active member of the International Association of Art. She creates paintings that are involved with sea and sea life, the main items that inspire her artwork. She likes to paint on different surfaces and also uses a  huge variety of sizes. Her pieces are sensitive and delicate due to the colours and the methods she uses to lay them on the canvas. For Gilda, painting is a way of living, expression and communication and be an artist mean be genuine. As an example, ‘The Human passage’ represents objects from time to time people have used or needed, loved or hated and that are now forgotten.

By Cecilia Durisotto  



Human Passage

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