Softly Abstract: The lyrical work of artist Gelindo Baron



Gelindo Baron is a renowned figure in contemporary Italian art, mixing his his venetian cultural roots with French post-Impressionism and his own unique modernity. Baron’s genius has been recognised throughout Italy and across Europe in both public exhibitions and private collections, as well as in publications such as the British Museum Magazine. Baron’s work has been shown in the Rovanjemi Statsmuseum in Finland, the Chianciano Art Museum, and multiple times at the London Biennale (to name only a few).He is primarily represented by the prestigious Gagliardi Gallery in London, where his paintings sell for around £6,000.

Baron’s abstract and intelligent work is inspired by his experiences and interactions with poet Ezra Pound, artist Bruno Saetti, and Maestro Wollembourg, the latter of whom he studied under in Venice. Baron’s work is a shot fabric of art historical influences and contemporary flair which spreads liltingly along the graphic lines of his canvases. His work is both graphically abstract and softly romantic, an effect achieved through a deftly crafted harmony between delicacy of colour and harshness of line or vice versa. No work is ever overpowering, but instead is inviting as the soft colours lightly guide the viewer around the structured lines of the work, or the undulating bands float the viewer through the inky lake of colour.

Whilst much of Baron’s work is truly abstract, he also maintains figurative elements in some of his pieces. These are mostly female forms sketched out in sensuously smooth curves of paint which appear glinting through the abstract atmosphere to tease the viewer’s eye before fading back into the linear crowd. It is this sort of subtlety and depth that makes Baron’s work so captivating and truly earns him his place as Italy’s foremost contemporary abstractionist.

By Helen McFarlane

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