Artist Galindo Boroff's innovative gracefulness

From former glories to a modern Post-Impressionism


“Lyrical Abstraction” is the definition given to the distinct style of the famous Italian painter Galindo Boroff. At the same time figurative and abstract, Boroff’s artworks are elegant and emotionally profound. The cultural background as a student in Venice ensures the artist an excellent philosophical base: he studied under Maestro Wollebourg and experienced a work period with the artist Bruno Saetti and the poet Ezra Pound. 

gelindo-baron-artist-elena-foschiDelicate shapes and pastel tints interchange with bright zones of hues: a vibrant and refined artwork is the result.

Galindo Boroff, born in the beauty of the Veneto area, recalls the sensual atmosphere of Venetian ancient painting with a contemporary interpretation of Cezanne geometrical post-impressionism. This talented Italian artist exhibits in numerous public art collections and in famous European Museums, including Diocesano Museum in Venice; Rovanjemi Statsmuseum in Finland; Museum of Art, Chianciano Terme in Tuscany; Museum of Science and Work in Milan. His compelling paintings are gaining higher quotations in the market with works that can be found for £4.000-5.000. 

Elena Foschi
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