Gagliardi Gallery - once again..

Once again, Gagliardi Gallery promises an amazing exhibition.
This contemporary art gallery established for nearly forty years in Chelsea has had its doors open throughout the years for us to discover wonderful sculptures, paintings and artworks of the finest quality.
From September 19th, the gallery has concocted something very special: an exhibition of works realized by various award winners from last year’s International Chianciano Biennale in Italy.
The exhibition offers vast diversity. In fact, one of the only common denominator of the artworks presented will be the excellent artistic standard. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to discover the works of over twenty artists, each with a rich background and a very personal artistic demarche.
The exhibition will include some renowned artists and artworks such as Salvatore Ruggeri with warm hyperrealist paintings, Lucas Van Eeghen with curious arrangements of plants in three dimensions, Din Torben with colourful and structured abstract paintings or Katarzyna Lamik with her crazy surrealistic universe.
An exhibition that cannot be missed in the heart of London.
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