Florida's landscape from Frances Mercer

Frances Mercer is a native artist from Florida.  After completing a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a masters in Art History at the University of Miami,  she received an M.A.  in Fine Arts Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. She than participated in the Florence Biennale and Assisi Biennale in 2009 and the London Biennale 2013. She received the Leonardo Award for works on paper at the Chianciano International Art Award 2012 (Tuscany).

Florida’s wildlife and natural landscapes influence the work of Mercer and provide a great variety of scenes such as white cottony clouds across ultramarine skies, hammocks at dusk, palm trees caressed by the wind, rivers and ponds, fields with cows and more. Every single image changes according to the natural light at any given time of the day.
Mercer’s work is the representation of natural beauty and a longing for the past. She captures the allure of her surroundings in a simple and yet exciting and colourful form, allowing the viewer to drift away and discover a real love for nature.  Mercer focuses on concepts rather than details and leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

By Cecilia Durisotto  

Mountain, watercolour



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