Genetic Codes like art. Daniel Pesta

Daniel Pešta  is a multimedia artist who refuses to limit himself to just one medium but experiments across the full spectrum of expressive media; in painting, video, assemblage, conceptual projects and genetic codes.
He was born in 1959 and graduated from the Václav Hollar School of Art. His first focus was on drawings, working as a graphic artist where he designed numerous series of illustrations for a classical music publisher. Following this, Pešta began applying his poster design techniques to non-commissioned work.

At first, he studied the figure, giving shape to its vulnerability. Later, he worked with portraits in which he focused primarily on expression and over time his works became more abstract; he reduced the number of colours and began to develope the essence of his visual style, which exists fully outside contemporary influences.

From around 1998 he began to experiment with a diverse range of materials such as paper, wax, leather, and transparent resin. A typical feature of Pešta’s style and one that permeates all his work is the symbol of red string or red thread, painted in the colour of blood. The string symbolizes the inevitability of fate but also the never-ending story of the human race.


By Cecilia Durisotto  


People, mixed media, 2011

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