The London Biennale 2013 Reminisces on the timeless elegance of Cesare Bollini Bonazza

Article by Meg K. Dailey 

Unique in his technique, originality and sophistication, Cesare Bollini Bonazza knows how to surprise and fascinate with his precious metal artwork. Bollini won an award for excellence at the Biennale in London 2013 and third prize for applied art at the Chianciano Biennale 2011.

Bollini’s elegant work is combined with an expressive use of delicate lines, and masterful workmanship of precious materials such as gold and platinum. Bollini takes these precious metals and weaves them with great skill and strength to create an art that is timeless. Most of Bollini’s artwork is projected in a graphical view, architectural, modern, and or embellished with geometric elements and abstract forms. Everyone of Bollini’s pieces are made from hand, which is a result of a vast expertise in both technical and artistic knowledge.

In addition Bollini has participated in The Biennale Venice Film Festival, he has been selected by the European Commission in Brussels in 2001 for exceptional work that has a mark in the world of 

European art as a whole. In 2011, Bollini took part in the Chianciano Biennale in Tuscany. The Chianciano Biennale is a prestigious Contemporary Art Exhibition that selects artists from around the world to exhibit their work. Furthermore, Bollini has participated in the Biennale in London in 2013, which exhibited over 140 artists within the elegant halls of Chelsea Old Town Hall.

His work encompasses immense amounts of extraordinary beauty and has been exhibited in important and prestigious galleries all across the world. Bollini has amazed and fascinated the audience with precious piece entitled “Blue Dream”, which features Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The piece is visionary with a majestic expressiondone with engraved crystal, gold and platinum. Bollini is thankful that the ‘uniqueness’ of his work is being appreciated and respected by so many major London galleries and other galleries around the world. Cesare Bollini Bonazza is a unique artist, with a visionary talent, and a strong blend of artistic expressionism. Bollini is able to make the viewer dream and become a part of the incomparable beauty of a timeless work of art.





Top left: "Blue Dream" Gold, platinum, crystal and enamel Cesare Bollini Bonazza.

Right: "Blue Dream" by Cesare Bollini Bonazza exhibited at the Biennale of London 2013

Bottom Left: Cesare Bollini Bonazza during the award ceremony of the London Biennale




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