Artist Bran Owein


Sensuality on the tip of a brush
Bran Owein is a remarkable Canadian figurative expressionist painter whose style of painting is reminiscent of Fauvism in his use of vibrant colours, essential natural forms and expressive use of line. 

On impact we are immediately attracted to the harsh, bold, black outlines that reduce his figures to basic albeit exaggerated shapes. The distorted perspective of the realities of the natural world, and the simplified features painted with thick lines with an almost childlike approach, only make his creative talent more expressive and enthralling.

But there is nothing childlike in the extreme sensuality and passion that transpire from all his canvases, whether they be models under the moonlight or still lifes on a table. The outlined areas of luminous, clashing colours, reminiscent of stained glass windows, create a vibrating tension and lyrical quality that evoke powerful emotions. 

This simplification of saturated colour and form, with a strong emphasis on lines, is typical of German Expressionists, especially Max Pechstein and Paula Modersohn-Becker, Russian Expressionist Alexej von Jawlensky and French Expressionist Georges Rouault. 

Owein’s sensitivity to colour, applied in vivid hues and contrasts, heighten the emotion and dynamism of the compositions and exude an intense, passionate expressiveness that is highly personal and characteristic.

Bran Owein is an artist on the rise and exhibits in top galleries around the world. His prices oscillate from £3,000 to £5,000. A good investment for an art lover.
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