Artist Ian Pentland - Biography

Ian Pentland is a visual artist, as well as an international architect with over twenty years of experience in his field. Born in Belfast in 1963, his childhood was artistically rich and full of natural inspiration: his father painted impressionistic works and he shared and transmitted the gift of art to Ian and his older brother, who is now an established artist in Northern Ireland.

On leaving Ireland in 1981, Pentland dedicated himself to the study of architecture and in 1989 graduated from Hull University. His career as a professional architect has been long and satisfying, becoming Director of one of the largest architectural companies in the world, where he could demonstrate his abilities in town planning and large scale projects around the world. Pentland played a more than significant role in creating numerous iconic structures in Europe and the Middle East.

Pentland’s method of working was unusual and in contrast with the now normal use of the computer, his fascination for drawing compelled him to make his own models and hand-sketches, when possible, only with “paint, brush and pencil - no mouse”. Those characteristics are a relevant component of his own work as an artist; in fact, his miscellany ‘UNMAPPED’ displays a strong influence from Pentland’s architectural work.

‘UNMAPPED’ is a collection of oeuvres divided into five series, each one different in content and style, showing fictitious reproductions of maps. The intent of the artist is to raise questions in the viewer about the truth of his creations, if they are real places or just abstract inventions, because these maps point out a territory without giving other information; as explained by the artist; “these unmapped terrains and landscapes clearly represent a counterview to our golden age of instant satellite imaging on tablets and telephones”.

Pentland is married with two children. He works from his studio in Nice, France and his artwork is exhibited throughout Europe including Bloomsbury, London 2014. 

Artwork displayed "SOLVEG 43 MACRO scale drawing 4.3.11" by artist Ian Pentland

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