Abstract Humanity in the Work of Artist Kristi Rene

Spirituality as Abstract Humanity




Self-taught artist Kristi Rene’s movingly intense portraits draw on her life-changing spiritual transformation and have been providing similarly cathartic moments for patrons worldwide. Rene’s work has been extensively exhibited around the world in the highest profile exhibitions. From California, to London, to Tel Aviv Rene’s work has become renowned and been suitably rewarded with awards in Excellence from the State of California and the Chianciano Biennale, and prices upwards of £4,000. Rene is certainly an artist well established on the art scene and with her uniquely skilled handling of relief and colour it is does not take someone of similar genius to see why.


Rene’s most coveted works are her abstract figurative pieces, as these combine her wonderful talent in both subjects. Working with explosively expressive line and paint in relief, Rene finds her space of individual abstraction - which, in her view, is the only way of creating art which surpasses nature. Paint is applied to the canvas in varying thickness, creating ridges and flows that add to the vivid realisation of the underlying emotion which Rene weaves into each of her paintings.

Accordingly Rene’s paintings are bursting with life and emotion that seizes the viewer and demands contemplation and conversation. Empathy and interaction are non-optional when viewing 

Rene’s work as the inner dialogue that she herself has poured into it is profoundly visible both to our eyes and our inner spirits. As Rene’s work began with her spiritual transformation 

following an accident, her work explores the inner dialogue between the human and spiritual - a connection which is vital to an engaged and fulfilling life. Perhaps, then, it is because Rene’s paintings fiercely encourage this very connection that they are so intriguing and appealing.


By Helen McFarlane

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