Contemporary Artist George Kreizler Proves that Reactionism can Gain a Good Reaction


Politics. Please don't run away, the art is coming. Most artists would describe themselves as left-wing, or at least that's the common impression. But whilst conservatism gets a bad wrap, some of its components can be beneficial in the art world. The particular principle in mind is 'reactionism' – a desire to return to a previous state. George Kreizler has taken painting back to the Romantic style,picking up a finesse lost to digital imaging.

The great thing about reactionism, is that generally no one means it literally, humans are too keen on progress, and hot running water; But rather an appreciation of what has come before us, and finding a way to meld that with the modern world. It is this nuanced understanding of political philosophy and human psychology which sets Kreizler’s art intellectually above the mainstream iconoclastic form. Kreizler melds tradition and modernity deftly, infusing natural scenes with touches of modern taste and activity. He understands the balance between awe at nature and human empowerment found in Romantic landscapes, and adapts this to the modern experience. He can be hailed as the modern Turner due to his immense talent in both painting and thought. Kreizler can see that humans are sentimental, but also narcissistic creatures.

We feel longing for unspoilt natural landscapes, yet need to see evidence of human achievements and progress in order to feel affinity with a scene. As a forward thinking, and pioneering force in contemporary art, Kreizler chooses to tackle this contradiction head on. His deftly crafted paintings celebrate the beauty of this collision, how the rippling water makes the harsh street lights seem magical, and the lights allow us to appreciate the inky night-water. It can be hard to admit the merit of that which we believe we have moved on from, and easy to feel shackled to the past or afraid of the shadow of our forefathers. However, Kreizler shows that a reactionist approach can enhance both our artistic cannon, and our understanding of humanity. His work truly emits a genius and dialogue that can be felt even without a true understanding of the concepts discussed herein. It is in this way that Kreizler marks himself as a seminal artist of our generation, both for his artistic talent, and gently educative force.

George Kreizler Official Website

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