Delicately Expressionist - Artist Ercolina Visca's Dance with Colour

An Elegant Emotive Explosion 

Ercolina Visca is one of Italy's greatest contemporary expressionist artists. Heir to the Italian Maestro Renzo Roncarolo, Visca has inherited a veritable wealth of knowledge and artistic skill, which combine with her intrinsic talent and unique vision to create works of astonishing vivacity. With the prestigious endorsement of the Liceo Artistic of Torino and the Anglo-Italian Academy of Art, Visca’s work has come to be appreciated across Europe in a multitude of exhibitions and museums, including the Lord Leighton Museum; But also by private patrons, who pay little more than £4,000 for her work. Visca’s genius has not only been recognised by participation in exhibitions, but also by awards at the London and Chianciano Biennales, for which she has been selected multiple times.

Visca was taught drawing and art history by the Modern Italian Master Renzo Roncarolo. But her work expands far beyond this rudimentary introduction to encompass pencil, charcoal, watercolour, pastels, oil and more. Her deft handling of each of these materials allows her to combine them in perfect harmony to create a song of blazing colour and tone. Colour is key for creating the intense depth and pulsating emotion characteristic to Visca’s work. One might think this means blue=sad and so on, but Visca’s emotional puppetry is far more nuanced than that. The rapturous use of rich colours surpasses our basic cognitive understanding and pulls straight on the emotional chords.

Stylistically, Visca’s work is incredibly elegant, particularly in her handling of female portraits which are reminiscent of a gentle Pre-Renaissance Madonna. Swan-like necks flourish out from the canvas like a dancing vine, supporting faces of undisturbed tenderness. These paintings are exuberant yet subtle, exciting yet calming - and it Visca’s versed use of this myriad of combinations and techniques which provides such eye-catching depth and emotional draw in her work.

By Helen McFarlane

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