The artist Ammon Knight for the London Art Biennale 2017


The American contemporary artist Ammon Knight has been specially chosen to exhibit his fascinating artworks at the London Art Biennale 2017. From the 29th March to the 2nd April 2017, in the iconic setting of the Chelsea Old Town Hall, Knight will present his works amongst 130 other talented international artists. In this prestigious award exhibition, art enthusiasts are welcome to visit and experience Knight’s selection of immersive paintings with pleasurable contemplation and warm approval.


Knight’s riveting range of paintings show fiercely striking vast pictorial surfaces, filled with explosive fusions of animated forms living on the canvas. His talent for combining hypnotic soft hues draws the viewer into an immersive dream-like cloud. The swirling colours unite whimsically in a heavenly whirlpool of spirit. Knight’s divine paintings surround the viewer like a soft blanket, as the effect of his unique artistic talent is totally entrancing, calming and transcendental. Knight explains the importance of his artistic practice, ‘Painting is the world within me, unashamed, and even more than that: painting is my truth; the soul remains infinitely beautiful and free, and is untouched by and untainted by trauma, pain, or circumstance’.

Thus, Knight trusts his inner impulse when painting with full expression and intoxicating diversity, transferring striking amalgamations of raw colours from his mental stimulus directly onto the canvas. Undeniably, Knight is a talented and intriguing artist who digs deep into the complex mind, and we are eager to witness his newest stimulating creations.
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