The 50 shades of Alan Colombage

alan colombage artist elena foschi

Alan Colombage’s artworks are extremely eye-catching: he has a story to tell, and he knows how to do it right. 

An extravagant life story characterizes the cultural background of this talented artist: a promising cricket career, fashion shows and movie industry - firstly object and then subject of the camera - he lived and experienced the whole Show Business world. Colombage loves colour and its texture and exploits its potential. At a first sight, De Kooning may seem like his inspiration: however, there is a unique form of expressionism and a blend of gestural abstraction and figuration. 
He plunges himself in what surrounds us and marks the canvases with broad and strong brush strokes, but it’s not enough for his creative soul: every touch of colour shines with vibrant reflections of light, in a dynamicity that recalls the landscapes of the Futurist movement.
Moreover, he is a survivor - he stared death in the eye during the boat accident on the river Thames in 1989. It is easy to imagine the impacts that follow an experience like that… but later, he receives a fortuitous gift from his daughter - paint, brushes and canvases to work with. Subsequently, he starts to conquer the spectators with statuesque and Matisse-style women and with expressive self-portraits reminiscent to Van Gogh’s shades of emotion.
He has the ability and the creative freedom to appropriate everything that inspires him. A chance encounter with painting that confirms his natural and explosive talent for art.
Elena Foschi

alan colombage artist elena foschialan colombage artist elena foschi




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