The historic center of Chianciano Terme illuminated by the game of colors and shades of Vera Carbone at the Expo Chianciano exhibiton

The Expo Chianciano will welcome the intense works of the Italian artist Vera Carbone.
She was born in Minervino Murge. Since childhood she has perceived his interests in art. Her artistic training started with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Since 1980 she has been devoted professionally to contemporary painting, creating a unique and personal style, from figurative to surrealism.

"Vera aims to eternate on the canvas the changing of atmospheric phenomena, including lunar and sun eclipses. It is so on its various shades, along with light games, hence the presence of white lines that sometimes take the semblance of a human figure to indicate, through a thread of Arianna, the course to follow to get out of the labyrinth and finally win the freedom of expression ... "(Vinicio Coppola)

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