The expressive works of Traute Macom at the Expo Chianciano, in the historic center of Chianciano Terme

In September Traute Macom will exhibit his works full of expression in the exhibition of Expo Chianciano, among others 5 exhibitions.

Traute Macom was born in 1947 in Flensburg, Northern Germany. She moved out for language studies to Hamburg and Paris for 2 years each, then 1969 to Vienna, Austria. Next to and after a career with International Organizations in Vienna and Freetown, she undertook many art study courses and seminars which summit in 3 years' art studies including one-year masterclasses with Prof. Christian Ludwig at Austrian Akademie Geras. Her main topics deal with environmental observations on desertification, water quality, air pollution, and generally viewing our living, seen not only through paint brush and acrylic colours, but expressing in a mirror-like form a painted thinking and judgement about our reason of being and handling our globe and its outer spacial environment, in the ever so precious time that we are in just now in this 'spacious second'.

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