The impressionist works of Sergej Ovcharuk in the exhibition of Expo chianciano

Sergej Ovcharuk was born in 1963. He is considered a dreamer and a romantic. Sergej’s paintings offer a fresh view on the classic style and immerse us in the mysteriously spiritual world of impressionism. The amazing combination of the old master’s painting traditions with the expressive colors awakens imagination and leads to deep philosophical thinking. Meeting with the outstanding master-colorist Vladimir Borodin was the transformative event in Ovcharuk’s life as an artist, and spending four years studying in Borodin’s studio provided the basis for his development as a painter. Ovcharuk’s romantic-symbolic sense of the world and his passion for colors born in this period. For his impressionistic paintings, the master primarily uses the palette knife. In Ovcharuk opinion, the knife offers the best tool for his "blind painting" technique, which provides an excellent reflection of his soul.

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