Roman Odolinski: Timeless Mastery and Exquisite Sensitivity

Roman-Odolinski-artRoman Odolinski is an eclectic master of the arts: his paintings are a melange of Russian/Ukrainian and western creativity, with the rare characteristic of continuing his creations on the frames that enclose these masterpieces of beauty and delicacy. This unique artist of indisputable talent communicates through vibrant colors reflected in profoundly surreal subjects.

Refined lines, golden shades and rich texture enchant the observer, embracing one’s mind with philosophical thoughts. Whether it is a mysterious plot inspired by ancient myths, or a cryptic scenario made of fabulous dancing figures, striking colors, balanced shapes and magnificent lines give life to virtuous images.

The artist's masterpieces transmit nostalgia with his romantic imageries enhanced by a precious colour palette that communicates superb mastery. Odolinski was born in Ukraine, in the town of Grodek near Lviv, where he was inspired by the aesthetic of eastern icons and of the French impressionists. The way he creates his works reflects the impact of Old Russian icons, Ukrainian folk art, Picasso, Malewicz, and the precursors of Impressionism.

Odolinski was one of 120 artist from over 30 nations who exhibited at the London Art Biennale 2017, where important names and personalities all gathered together in the beautiful Chelsea Old Town Hall, in the heart of London. Next to the Biennale, exhibition world wide mark the future of this talented artist. 

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