Katarzyna Lamik. Towards an art for everyone.

The young polish artist Katarzyna Lamik learned the techniques required for art in steel and metal at Art High School ; currently she is studying art at Katowice University, Poland.

Despite her specialisation in metal handling, she uses various mediums to draw us into her creative, indeed surreal universe. Her creations – drawings, paintings, collages and sculptures - are often very colourful and very rich from a graphical point of view. No subject is taboo and almost everything becomes a pretext to create, to express her ideas or her questionings, and to fire the imagination.

Completely absorbed in the art, Lamik intends to make art accessible to as many people as possible through various initiatives that encourage direct contact between the audience and works of art. For example, she has established a social, unofficial exhibiting initiative called, Gallery at Home.

Works of this artist will be exhibited at the London Art Biennale 2015.


By Amelie Marchal













  oil on canvas, 200/168 cm                                      Intermittent 5, oil on canvas, 30/24 cm

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