the geometric works of Kirsten Host among the exhibitions of Expo Chianciano in the historic center of Chianciano Terme

In September the Danish artist Kirsten Host will expose her geometric works at the Expo Chianciano, in the historic center of Chianciano Terme.

Kirsten's work is strongly influenced by geometry, which she sees reflected in all aspects of our universe. This theme was reinforced by her meticulous study and admiration of the great renaissance painters in the museums in Italy, where she has spent longer periods of time, especially in Firenze, Perugia and Venezia. Kirsten`s work frequently starts with a geometric shape and with an open mind, and inspiration develops a life and vibration of its own.She has loved geometry since she was a little girl. Her fascination of geometry and her love of colours combined with a wish to express emotions and impressions, have inspired the way she now works. She has been searching for many years to find an expression. She believes that beauty, colour, balance and harmony influence all of us all very much.

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