The artworks of John Shelton at the Expo Chianciano, in the historic center of Chianciano Terme

The Expo Chianciano, situated in the historical centre of Chianciano Terme will welcome the works of the artist John Shelton. He began painting in 1977. After graduating he worked in the field of art through various occupations: illustrator, graphic designer, antique frame  conservator, fine art advisor and he continued to pursue fine art as a career through 80’s. In 1988 he established his own DBA business known as John Shelton American Art. From the nearly 90’s to present he continued the pursuit of his art. He learned through the trade how to sell fine works of art to investors and collectors, helping art lovers to build collections from these periods. This experience enabled me to observe how artist of these periods created their works. This had a great influence on my painting development.


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