Igor Eugen Prokop, between art and biology at Expo Chianciano in the historical center of Chianciano Terme

Art and biology combine in a harmonious style at Expo Chianciano in the historical center of Chianciano Terme. Igor Eugen Prokop was born in Budapest in 1953. He studied biology, philosophy, film aesthetics, and between 1991 and 1993 he studied design at the University of Applied Arts. Besides paintings and drawings he has worked with glass for 20 years. The process consist in elements of glass coloured in the material that are faceted with diamonds burnishers and these pieces are melted together horizontally and vertically like a mosaic. Everything he does can be called a lifelong process of evolvement within a “natural order”. Through his travels he learned about the elemental, wild power of the ocean, but he saw also the man-made destruction, like dead corals and the final extinction of uncounted creatures. He feels responsible for the planet’s imperfect looking future. The surfaces, panels and pictures reflect the natural forms seen during the author's trips through the eyes of a biologist-artist.

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