Finally, an Art Competition that makes the difference: ICAC's Art Contest

There are so many varieties of art competitions nowadays - so which one is perfect for you? There is no exact answer to this question as your ideal contest depends solely on what your goals are. But now, here is a new art competition that is worthwhile for all artists, with the possibilities to win all the most desirable and useful tools to a contemporary artist: the ICAC's Art Contest.

This new art contest is breaking new ground because, albeit internationally based, it grants an high probability of winning, thanks to the 10 available prizes and the reasonable upper limit on the challenge’s duration period (3 months). And above all, the artists don’t need to make a realistic assessment of where they are in their career today: the competition is indistinctly open to emerging and established geniuses and the winners will be selected purely on the basis of talent! The proof lies in the application form: the artist should only provide the full name and 5 images of the artworks - no CV and gallery exhibitions required. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to wait for the announcement of the 10 lucky winners.

Another plus for ICAC’s competition? The prizes value more than a cash award because they are all essential tools in the ambitions of a modern-day artist. From an hardback 72 page personal publication edited by the International Confederation of Art Critics to the participation in the London Biennale 2017 and the Chianciano Biennale 2018; from a professional Art Critique to the publication of the artworks on the Saatchi Museum Magazine, til the last award, but certainly not the least, that provides a new professional website for the lucky artist.

In a nutshell, you can win a long-impact promotion that ensures credibility. All this without having to fill in endless application forms to participate. Sometimes, the easiest formula can contribute to your future plans and achievements, so pay attention to the competitions that are really worthwhile!

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