The wonderful works of the Syrian artist Haitham Alhamad at the Expo Chianciano, in the historic center of Chianciano Terme

Haitham Alhamad was born in Homs, Syria, and studied Fine Arts at Damascus University and in 1992 he received his Bachelor degree. He is a member of the Syrian Fine Arta association and Quatar Fine Arts Association. He shows interest in Islamic painting, especially in the islamic miniatures.


"This space of whiteness in front of me makes up the beginning of the story that listed, where characters begin moving with their Mystic colors, haunting me until they rest in their inevitable place portraying the title of a Tale that is narrated. The tsunami sweeping our region today is already unreasonable human action that cannot be imagined. So through shadow and light of the drama of color I am trying to understand the reasonable things in the inhumanity as a concept that grows in the era of the virtual media."

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