Girmay H. Hiwet. An artist without borders, presented at the London Art Biennale 2015.

An art graduate of Addis Ababa Art University, Ethiopia, Girmay H. Hiwet began a long trip through Europe in the 1970s to observe and discover the roots of Modern Art. From Zurich to Frankfurt, Paris to Amsterdam, he walked in the footsteps of the key artists of the 20th century such as Picasso, Kandinsky, Matisse, Van Gogh and many others.

Although steeped in European and Ethiopian influences, Girmay remains an original artist who has developed his own standpoint and artistic approach.

His paintings have a very extended colour gamut and usually comprised of many points deposited very careful and precisely on the canvas. Nothing is left to coincidence and despite this rigorous technique, the finished pieces appear very smooth and natural.

Beyond the technical aspects, it is the shared emotion that matters most. He uses his imagination to exploit colours and shapes and evoke the inner side of humanity. At first glance, his works can appear to have a supernatural world premium but after a few moments of observation one can see many familiar elements that come from our world: Humanity is at the centre of his work.

An art work to discover at the London Art Biennale 2015


By Amelie Marchal





The Fox Whispere, 2009.


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