Agneta Gynning, a talented Swedish artist who will be presented at the London Art Biennale 2015.


With an uncle artist and a mother passionate about art, Agneta Gynning was sensitised to the artistic world from her youth. She wanted to study art, but at that time, it was a difficult life for a woman to be a painter and her parents encouraged her to study something else. She practised drawing by herself, but it's from 1990 that she learned the art of sculpture in evening classes and she found her personal means of expression.

Gynning continued to experiment with different materials, such as bronze and stone but also rubber. She uses it to express feelings and relationships, her main themes. Through the use of lines, movement and textures, she creates an experience of beauty that evokes pleasant feelings but also moves towards a darker side, approaching the unconscious. She creates from a personal feelings and invests a part of herself in her work ; but the feelings included are those shared by humans all over the world.

Agneta Gynning  will be part of the selection of artists will be presented at the London Art Biennale 2015.

by Amelie Marchal












  Artist at work.                                                          Together / Tillsammans, rubber.          


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