The magnificent botanical acrylic photos of David Leaser among the various exhibitions of Expo Chianciano

In August, Expo Chianciano, with its 10 location, as well as marvelous works and paintings, will welcome the botanical photos in acrylic full of color and liveliness of David Leaser. David Leaser was born in 1963 and grew up on a horse farm in Pennsylvania. His approach to the world of photography was on a first grade field trip with a Polaroid Swinger. Since then, she continued to be more enthusiastic about photography. To earn money during the summer, Leaser photographed horses for clients at horse shows. During the college David Leaser begins to develop an artistic thought and a personal style. He began shooting landscapers for pleasure, leading to the production of a photographic monograph on palm trees. The book “Palm trees: a story in photographs” received many positive critics, which showed palms more as living art than mere trees. With his passion for still-lifes of botanical subjects, Leaser feels a kinship with botanical artist like Ambrosius Bosschaert and Rachel Ruycsh.


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