The unique style of Daniela anghel's works in the Expo Chianciano exhibition

D. Anghel’s style is unique and the works feature monumental dimensions: the objects and figures that “inhabit” the suspended bodies turn D. Anghel’s work into an idiosyncratic place that awakens the vision. The image in the painting is structured as an “against-inside” movement that appears as the limit (de)constructed by bodies that reveal distances beyond the possibility of touching the visible; in other words, the drama of an open and closed space at the same time. So, the painting demands an infinite transformation method,  perpetually creating a distance  from and towards proximity constructed through the fold. D. Anghel studied painting and engraving techniques in the studios of great masters from Romania, Portugal, Israel, Germany and Russia. She graduated from the Fine Art Faculty of the Lisbon University in 2004. D. Anghel worked and lived in Romania, Portugal, Morocco, Brazil, Russia and  Angola, where she has been living for the past 4 years.


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